Marin are continually researching and developing, expanding and adapting; our basis of technological innovation is key to the very core of our business.
Marin thrive on the opportunity to assist clients with troubleshooting and are able to create through design & development, new technologies the industry requires to fulfil a client’s work scope.
Marin subscribe to the business model of developing the very best technology to deliver and are not afraid to challenge the at times stagnant mentality most often prevalent today, ‘it has always been done this way’ - be sure we are working on delivering a superior solution and Marin very much looks forward to bringing these systems to market.

The Company is at the forefront of developing ground breaking, patented and proprietary technologies which improve our relationship with the seabed and provide increased efficiency on client deliverables. Some of our future concepts, currently under research, development and testing include:

  • EVO™ ‘I’
  • Megavator
  • Deep Digger
  • 60” EVO™ Shear