Hydraulic Hydrodynamic Mass Flow Excavation Tooling

Marin’s vast selection of hydraulically powered excavation tools can be applied in the burial or de-burial of flexibles, pipelines, subsea structures, wreck excavation as well as bespoke work scopes:

  • Seavator™ 150
  • EVO™ 50
  • EVO™ 150
  • EVO™ 300

Marin owns the largest selection of HMFE Tooling in the world – the importance of this being, we are the only provider to offer differential flow/rate speeds, matched to the delivering the most efficient and cost-effective solution to any client’s project requirements. Uniquely we assess the project and then match the tool to the job – hence we have a 100% success rate and are highly respected within the industry for delivering all projects to date, on time, within budget and successfully completed first time.